Work From Home Feasibility: Accessing QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

Bhavleen Kaur
4 min readMay 26, 2021

Not more than five years ago, most of us were glued to our desktops performing accounting tasks without remote access. At that time, the concept of using QuickBooks Desktop from any remote device or location was not well-known.

However, digitization, technology evaluation, and the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases taught us an important lesson the hard way. It is imperative to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely. It is the need of the hour for business continuity.

Work From Home

So, how can you access your QuickBooks Desktop remotely? We have discussed three techniques below-explore and make a choice.

Why Is It Beneficial To Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely?

QuickBooks Desktop remote access means using a secure server to access your data, apps, and information remotely. Users securely log in to their QuickBooks Desktop software from another location on their personal devices through a stable internet connection.

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop remote access:

  • Communicate and collaborate on a unified platform
  • Avoid copy/pasting of data on local PCs or home units
  • Allow multiple users to access QuickBooks software and its files
  • Track and analyze accountant activities on your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Easily work from any location

Options Supported by Intuit for Remote Access of QuickBooks Desktop

If you are convinced to remotely access QuickBooks Desktop for feasible use, here are the options you have. Some of these options are extremely cost-effective, and others are highly productive and efficient. Based on the needs of your organization, make the right calculative decision.

Recommended Solution: QuickBooks Hosting

Intuit itself allows the hosting of your QuickBooks Desktop tool on remote servers or third-party cloud providers. Once hosted, the authentic users gain access to the server regardless of the device and location of the user. You just need a stable internet connection to open your software and utilize it.

This is a cutting-edge solution that eliminates the need to maintain, install, or secure your QuickBooks Desktop. As a service receiver, you can enjoy hassle-free execution of these tasks. In addition, you get benefits like simpler collaboration, multi-user file access, seamless integrations, and a strong security structure.

1. Remote Work

QuickBooks Desktop hosting unlocks a new way of business. With this solution, your employees can work from any location of their choice, home or on the go. Your data accessibility is intact, and security is top-notch.

An amazing benefit of remote access through cloud hosting is seen in seamless collaboration. More than one person from your team can access the same file and make changes.

2. Protected Data

Despite the remote accessibility of your QuickBooks Desktop software, you get assured QuickBooks data security. Your data is secured and protected by cutting-edge technology and tools. This means that every data transmission is powered by 128-bit encryption, and every connection is secured through TLS.

To support this architecture, there’s continuous monitoring of your data and software via intrusion detection and prevention system. There’s multi-level malware protection, which is difficult to achieve in-house without spending a huge amount of time and money.

3. Multi-Device Access

Do you want to use your Mac, Windows PC, or a tablet to access your QuickBooks Desktop software?

QuickBooks Desktop hosting allows multi-device access. You just need to clear the multi-level authentication to access and review your accounting data on any device.

Hence, you can feasibly open QuickBooks Desktop even on your smartphone or home laptop.

If you select the right QuickBooks Desktop hosting provider, your access and sharing of data are easy. You can share and transmit your applications, data, and accounting files even when on the go. If a client is calling you every 5 minutes for accounting details, don’t worry. Open QuickBooks on your phone and provide details in a blink!

4. Data Backup

Of course, your accounting tool has tons of sensitive data and files stored in it. One way of taking care of these files is regular backups. This is hard to achieve in-house, which is why cloud hosting is the desired solution. Your solution provider promises data availability, which encourages them to regularly backup your data to multiple remote and geographically isolated cloud servers.

QuickBooks Online

Another suggested solution by Intuit is its QuickBooks Online, which is completely online software. As a user, you can access this tool from any location with just an internet connection. According to the QuickBooks Online plan purchased by the organization, the count of clients allowed to work on the software at one time is defined.

Although QuickBooks Online is a fabulous tool, it retains only a few or a small number of features of QuickBooks Desktop. Of course, you can work online, but the extended features and functionalities of QuickBooks Desktop are missing. Therefore, regardless of easy online access, many businesses still like to purchase QuickBooks Desktop and then access it remotely.

Remote Access Tool

The last option on our list is the remote access tool. It is a third-party app that helps you connect with your PC or server remotely, allowing access to QuickBooks Desktop. On Intuit’s website, you can find this tool easily. There are various other third-party tools in the market available for similar functionality, such as TeamViewer.

Your access to the QuickBooks Desktop software is limited in this case. You can copy local files, check folders, send files for print, etc.


The accounting and bookkeeping activities in your business are confidential and sensitive. There’s a colossal amount of sensitive data in your QuickBooks Desktop. As a result, when selecting a remote QuickBooks Desktop solution, it is crucial to pay attention to security and data reliability. If your data is not encrypted or securely transmitted, then you need a new solution.

By far, cloud hosting has proven time and again efficient in securing your QuickBooks Desktop’s data. Hence, find the right provider for cloud hosting, get a quote, customize your package, and enjoy remote access to your QuickBooks Desktop tool.



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