Top 6 Accounting Trends for 2021

1. Cloud Accounting Solution

Cloud computing has steadily become one of the widely followed technological trends for 2021. Since its invention, it has gained popularity in the last few decades. From the automobile industry to the education sector, it has changed the dynamics of multiple sectors worldwide. It offers a wide range of functionalities, making it a favorite for many businesses, something the accounting industry has experienced.

2. Task Management Via Automation

Drop-in a coin, choose an option, and poof! There comes your drink. Yes, you are right. It is a vending machine that we are talking about. When automated vending machines were developed and installed at public outlets, they shifted from traditional retail outlets and improved the consumers’ shopping experience.

3. Embracing Data Analytics

When you think about the benefits of data analytics, perhaps the first example that will come to your mind is Walmart.

4. Working Remotely

While the recent novel Coronavirus has forced multiple firms to either shut down their businesses or avail remote approaches to keep them running, a considerable fraction of American employees had already been working from their homes.

5. Outsourcing Operations

When you are running an accounting firm, dealing with customer data is not the only task. You have to monitor workplace performance, recruit new employees, do invoicing, and manage customer support.

6. AI

After AI was introduced for usage in the accounting industry worldwide, it brought forth structural changes that enabled them to boost overall productivity, increase efficiency, and smoothen their inter-organizational operations. Various processes like data handling and management were completely automated, which in turn enhanced accuracy levels and reduced human-prone errors.


Cloud accounting, the latest accounting software solution, data analytics usage, outsourcing business operations, and AI are some of the top accounting trends that are being widely followed in 2021.



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Bhavleen Kaur

Bhavleen Kaur

I’m an avid reader and like to write about trends in technology. I have worked as a Digital Marketer at Ace Cloud Hosting. I am pursuing MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai