Top 5 Technology Trends for 2021

Here Are Top 5 Technology Trends to Look Out For In 2021

Bhavleen Kaur
5 min readSep 23, 2020

The evolution of technology never ceases- that’s one of the facts we are already aware of.

Even in a decade, we have seen multiple technology invasions that have led us towards digital transformation. From the cloud to artificial intelligence, these technologies offer us a new way to work efficiently in the office. The more we invest our money and budget in the evolution of technology, the more we move towards a better functioning, enhanced workflows, and improved user experience.

The pandemic situations have further pushed us to the adoption of modern technology. As a result, there are a few technological advancements that would govern our tech-based decisions in the next year.

No matter how you are placed in this technological era, it is impossible to avoid new inventions. Hence, take a look at the top 5 technology trends that you may see in 2021. Read on for details.

1. Cloud Computing

When the pandemic emerged, every country went on a complete shutdown. This forced companies to come to a jolting halt. No operations were being carried out, and no enterprise was able to visit their office for work.

As a result, the infrastructure for remote working becomes extremely important. The companies that didn’t have this infrastructure faced a lot of issues in connectivity, data transfer, and continuing operations.

Desktop as a Service is one of the best methods to overcome this situation now and in the future. There’s no better way to work remotely, quite literally.

Here are the amazing benefits of the cloud that we would openly embrace in 2021:

· The ability to execute in a serverless manner is a blessing in disguise. We don’t have to think about managing servers or looking after hardware requirements. The cloud helps in hosting data and applications in a serverless manner, enabling remote working and efficient data access.

· The latency of execution and data access is reduced. You can access your data quickly without worrying about the server that is not currently working. Even when a server at the provider’s end is not functioning, you get access to another server carrying a redundant copy of your data.

· You can always customize and adjust the storage according to your requirements. It offers you control over your data storage and other related functions.

· Security on the cloud is not low. In fact, your security structure further improves with this arrangement. It is because the cloud provider has automated controls, regular auditing policies, and backup support to maintain the security of your data stored on the cloud. No one can access data without clearing multi-factor authentication.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another significant breakthrough that helps computer systems act and react smartly, almost like humans. This technology is already trending for a few years. Its adoption would only increase in the coming year. The reason behind this is the wide adoption of AI programs like speech recognition, pattern recognition, forecasting, and diagnosis.

If you look at it, then even applications like Netflix, Siri, Alexa, and Uber utilize artificial intelligence. Even when you search for something on the internet, your search engine uses AI to provide better results.

Another major reason for the adoption of AI is the popularity of home automation. Now, a large number of audience is using Alexa-based systems to automate daily home functions, such as turning the lights on.

3. Cybersecurity

It may be surprising to see cybersecurity on the list. But, many organizations now take cybersecurity seriously. For most of these organizations, cybersecurity is the number one pressing issue. The COVID-19 pandemic is only supporting the situation.

Multiple enterprises are working remotely. It means that every organizational employee is remotely accessing and using the company’s data. It can pose several security risks. The only manner in which we can mitigate the situation is by focusing on cybersecurity.

It is amazing how cloud technology can help us here. The two of our trends collide here, with one allowing us to solve a problem and the other creating it. As we have already discussed, the cloud can help us securely access data through multi-factor authentication.

4. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not new. This technology is also in trend for multiple years now. It helps us connect thousands and thousands of devices together with UIDs or unique identifiers, which allow us to transfer and receive data over a network. The only logical explanation of connecting all these devices and offering them intelligence is to communicate in real-time without actually meeting.

Again, a major reason for the acceptance of this technology is the adoption of smart devices and smart homes. From smart wearables, such as your Apple Watch, to smart homes, such as Alexa or Google home, everything is running on IoT. The increase in the adoption of these devices also increases the adoption of the internet of things.

5. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a tech that we love using. Every mundane daily task can be automated with the help of RPA. For example, responding to user subscriptions, handling data, and processing transactions. RPA can greatly reduce your burden, which is why it is picking pace, and this is why we may see it trending in 2021.

Since now, every job role is being shifted to more strategic execution, RPA is becoming extremely necessary. For instance, now accountants strategically monitor performance rather than doing calculations manually.


Technology is emerging and progressing at a lightning-fast pace. Even before we fully get acquainted with one tech, a new one is launched in the industry. To keep up with the technological requirements of your industry, adopt these 5 technologies.

Read the above data to understand why you should make a few changes in your tech-stack. Match the requirements of your organization with these trends and implement the ones that seem unavoidable and promising for the near future.



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