Top 4 HR Software That Integrate With QuickBooks

Bhavleen Kaur
5 min readJul 22, 2020

Accounting = QuickBooks.

Whenever we talk about accounting, QuickBooks software automatically comes to our mind. Isn’t it?

There’s no better software than QuickBooks for accounting and finance related management.

Wouldn’t you like it if you could use a tool in collaboration with QuickBooks for human resource management?

In this article, we have discussed 4 amazing HR tools that can collaborate with QuickBooks. You can enjoy the features of QuickBooks accounting and also accomplish end-to-end human resource activities.

Let’s first see what a human resource system is:

While the definition of a human resource system is subjective, in basic understanding, it is a tool that empowers HR employees to store and process HR information. The fundamental functions of the HR software include:

· Storing employee data.

· Managing employee portal.

· Keeping track of employee leaves.

· Keeping track of employee salary and benefits.

· Ensuring the training requirements of employees.

· Developing a recruitment plan.

· Developing graphs and charts for reporting.

Top HR Software for QuickBooks

When you want to simplify your working, integrating an HR tool with your QuickBooks becomes important for more dedicated and focused workflows. Below we have discussed 4 HR tools that can integrate into QuickBooks.

1. HRweb

HRweb is a human resource solution for small businesses. It helps you to comprehensively manage your employees in an efficient manner. You can leave HR tasks to HRweb and get back to more strategic activities of the business. From onboarding to applicant tracking, this software streamlines your resource management.

You can use HRweb for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online versions.


· HRweb is the perfect tool for small business admin tasks. Through this software, you can maintain regulatory compliance, retain talent, and improve your control over activities.

· It contains a recruitment module, which can be directly embedded in your website. This means you can directly post openings to Indeed and other platforms with the help of the XML code. The management of candidates can be achieved online completely.

· This software empowers the HR team to directly track and manage attendance and office time of employees automatically. Employee leaves can also be traced through this module.

· The HR team can also create a feedback cycle, where employees can leave their feedback via more than 1000 pre-offered categories and questions.

2. InStaff

InStaff is also an HR software developed for small and medium organizations. It is truly an alternative to your costly HRMS and other systems like employee self-service software. The major aim of the software is to reduce the load for achieving admin tasks.

It contains various features like file storage, announcements, paystub viewing, time-off requests, private employee files, and time tracking.


· You don’t have to create individual paystubs and then email it to every employee of the organization separately every month. Upload every paystub to InStaff and relax. The software will automatically place each paystub in the right employee’s account.

· Employees of the organization would get a single place to manage every document related to the payroll. They can simply visit the ESS and check their pay stubs and other details.

· There are additional features, through which you can store private employee data, get file storage, and track the time of employees.

· There’s a listing of employees, where every employee can look up and find another employee without any hassle.

· Similar to pay stubs, tax forms can also be created and added to the employee account automatically.

3. HR Cloud Onboard and HRIS

HR Cloud Onboard and HRIS tool seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks for collaborating accounting and onboarding activities. The HR team can easily manage employee data and push it from the onboarding software to QuickBooks. This includes automatically adding salary details, making an account, and other demographics instantly.


· You can improve the productivity of hiring new employees by ensuring compliance, HR processes, and other training. The software offers a fully functional applicant tracking system that simplifies onboarding and off-boarding.

· Due to task automation, even the most complex activities and workflows can go paperless with HR Cloud Onboard.

· It is possible to keep track of federal compliance. You can check tax requirements and verify employee eligibility online to reduce the time and effort spent on these activities. You can practically e-sign, secure, and audit various compliance forms through the software.

· Create organizational charts in the software to clarify the roles and names pertaining to that job role.

· Supporting HR workflows, fillable PDFs can be created for simplified working and management.

· You can create a company-specific resource channel to help new hires checkout videos, content, and messages. It can become your go-to center for onboarding and welcoming new employees.

4. EverythingHR

EverythingHR collaborates with your QuickBooks’ time, invoicing, and other activities that allow the HR team to track employees’ attendance, check client billable hours, and ensure key working metrics.

This means that the software would empower your HR team to optimize working for maximum performance. Whether you have 1 or 1000 employees, you can streamline your organizational strategy to your HR strategy.


· When you are finding it hard to manage the human resource department of the organization, EverythingHR can aid your functioning. Every HR-related problem can be solved with the help of this software, whether it is payroll or workforce management.

· The tool is designed to organize the manner in which your workforce functions. This is why, through this software, you can measure your workforce’s performance and uncover grave organizational issues at an early stage.

· The self-service portal of EverythingHR helps in updating personal information of the employees, such as tracking PTO, tax withholdings, and other information.

· The in-built dashboard helps you track and manage absenteeism and track the attendance of every organizational employee.

· The new hires or potential hires can upload their CVs, track the interview process, and complete their onboarding online without going through a series of paperwork.


We have created an exhaustive list with some of the best integrations for QuickBooks. Read the above data, match your needs, and select one tool that you wish to integrate with your QuickBooks. Don’t forget to check its compatibility with your purchased QuickBooks version.

Once you have clarified all of the above requirements, move on, and integrate an efficient HR software to your system.



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