Top 10 Features of ATX Tax Software

Bhavleen Kaur
5 min readJan 2, 2020

ATX is one of the most user-friendly tax software that CPAs, small tax firms, and enterprises use. It is a software platform that is popular globally among the veteran as well as the new generation of tax preparers.

Without exploring its features, it might be difficult for one to understand why ATX is more popular than its contemporary software solutions.

Here are ATX software’s most noteworthy features that will help you make the decision of choosing it as your tax preparation software –

1. Simple User Interface

The user interface (UI) of any application is critical for its usability and user experience (UX). Filling out forms is no fun for professionals and amateurs alike.

The ATX software API comes with visible multiple menu options — Interview, CCH iFirm, and Check Return are always present on the toolbar. The ATX API is highly visual, and you don’t have to toil hard every time you need to access a menu option.

2. An Extensive Tax Compliance Form Library

The ATX software comes with a repository of federal, state, and local forms. Depending on the state you are in, you can access the necessary tax compliance forms whenever you need it.

You can find 1040, 1040NR, 1041, 1065, and 1120 compliance forms in the ATX tax library. You can also access an expansive range of specialty forms — 5500, 706, 709, and 990. The repository is a blessing for tax preparers.

You can find all the compliance forms and information you need at the ATX library during your work.

3. The Rich ATX Knowledgebase

Need immediate help with ATX software set up? Don’t worry! You can access the ATX knowledgebase anytime. It is a repertoire of necessary data that can help all users find answers to their ATX-related queries.

You can log into the ATX Solution Center to gain access to the dedicated Knowledgebase. Select the Knowledge Library option to find the latest information on the entire range of ATX Products, ATX eFile, ATX Advantage, and ATX PRS.

ATX has made accessing relevant information much easier for all users by adding filtering options on the search results. Narrow your search down by FAQs, Documentations, How-to, and Problem Resolution.

4. Easy-to-use Interview Tool

ATX brings you the most interactive feature for tax preparers. The Interview Tool enables all professionals to fill out an entire tax return in the form of a formal interview. If the preparer requires an additional form, the program automatically adds a form to the interview sheet.

Upon completion of the Interview form, the software automatically transfers the data to the actual tax return form. It makes a mundane job quick and interactive for all parties involved. You can access the ATX Interview Tool by clicking on the option on the toolbar.

5. Collect Information with The ATX Tax Organizer

The ATX software comes with a dedicated organizer tool. The Tax Organizer adds additional information in a worksheet format.

Every year’s tax returns require a world of information. You can request all the information you need and update the information you already have from the previous years’ return forms via the Tax Organizer tool.

The comprehensive organizer option makes work much easier for the client who loves perfection. You can send the updated form by selecting the Organizer Letter or Engagement Letter from the Tax Organizer tool of the ATX professional tax solutions software.

6. ATX Is Multi-Faceted

ATX is a tax software that can help anyone file a tax return. It is an advanced software that you need to address your client’s tax return concerns.

It can cater to large profile businesses, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, accountants, and private tax consultants. It has all the resources one might need to file a tax return.

7. Flexible and Transparent Pricing

Pricing is always a concern among small businesses and independent tax preparers. ATX professional software has different pricing options that suit the need of every tax professional.

You should ideally begin with the free trial. Although it has limited features and the complimentary amenities might not satisfy the needs of every professional, you will get a concrete idea about using the knowledge-base, accessing the different tools, and troubleshooting ATX-related challenges.

There are five professional pricing packages, including the ATX Pay-per-return, ATX 1040 package, ATX Max Package, ATX Total Tax Office, and ATX Advantage. Compare the number of user licenses, federal individual forms, all-state tax compliance forms, and specialty forms available with every package to find the one that suits your needs.

8. Extended Compatibility

ATX tax software is entirely cloud-hosted with extended compatibility with Windows and Mac OS. You can run a web-based version of the software on your PC or Laptop irrespective of the browser.

Its extensive browser compatibility allows users to work on the software at the office, home, and during transit. The easy-to-use interface and free-to-all knowledgebase make troubleshooting any compatibility-related issues much easier for users of all expertise.

9. Excellent Customer Support

The quality of services of software not only lies with the features and functionalities but also with the support the users of the software platform receive.

If you face any challenge while working on the ATX Tax Software or chance upon doubts that demand immediate resolution, you can reach the customer support via phone and email. They do not yet offer live support, but you do receive regular newsletters and practice aids.

10. ATX and Multitasking

ATX supports multitasking, and you can work on three forms at one go. You can switch between the forms and close one irrespective of the other(s) according to your convenience.

The process is similar to that of a physical form. At the same time, you can view the IRS instructions and skip unnecessary back-and-forth movement for editing the information.

Final Note

ATX has all the secrets you need to know to boost your firm’s productivity.

Have you ever thought about an easier and more comprehensive way of filing tax returns? Then you should give the ATX tax software a try. Its easy-to-use interface, complete with a vast Knowledgebase makes ATX one of the most wholesome tax software programs.



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