5 Time Saving Tips For QuickBooks Users

Bhavleen Kaur
4 min readSep 28, 2020


If you are using QuickBooks software for your accounting firm, then it is evident that you want to process things faster and more accurately. However, even after implementing the QuickBooks software, it is not harder for some accountants to spend considerably more time on management and accounting.

QuickBooks has some important tricks that you can use to simplify your work and reduce your workload further.

No one likes to spend time in hectic calculations and tedious books. It is just not efficient. You should be, instead, spending time in strategic analysis and financial forecasting. It is only possible when you get enough time from your accounting tasks. Now, that is possible with the below tips. Let’s see how.

5 Tips to Save Time While Using QuickBooks

Here are some out-of-the-box QuickBooks tips that can help you reduce time spent on accounting. These tricks are frequently utilized by experts to improve their operational efficiency.

Read on to know, how.

1. Simplified Data Use

Data usage is one of the essential aspects of an accounting firm. You need to frequently download and access data relevant to a client.

But how can you do it in an effective manner?

Download Information

It is the first logical step — download data relevant to your organization and company stakeholders, including clients. Additionally, the whole point of saving data on a tool is to electronically access it in less time.

So, what can you do?

You can directly download transaction records from QuickBooks, through web connect files or bank feeds. It reduces your hassle because QuickBooks automatically checks and matches the details of bill payments to entries.

The Find Feature

A lot of software tools have ‘search and find’ features. Essentially, both of these achieve the same task in a different manner. If you use the search option, then you get general results that match your keyword. To conduct this accurately, you may need to first update search data and then search.

Find, on the other hand, is more dedicated. You don’t need to run the update because this feature only checks one transaction type at one time. Using this feature, you can limit your search results, which would be extremely beneficial in saving time while downloading information.

2. Customize Your Icon Bar

It can be hectic and frustrating to locate features on any software. To cut down the time spent on this activity, you can use the icon bar of QuickBooks. Here, you get the option to decide shortcuts that you want on your orders. You can customize it!

As a result, your outcome is achieved in fewer clicks. You can get what you need in much less time. From viewing the balance of the account to checking current sales, you can tailor your icon bar based on specific goals.

3. Use QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks has various subscription offers; QuickBooks Desktop and Online. A lot of users go towards the online side because it helps you work remotely. But, many more CPA firms still carry on with QuickBooks Desktop to avoid paying a monthly fee and for other advanced benefits offered with the Desktop version.

However, remote access is still important. Most of the time, your work may be delayed only because you need to wait for someone in the office to give your TeamViewer access. That’s not very time-efficient.

An easier option to use QuickBooks Desktop remotely is to host it on the cloud. In this manner, you get the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop as well as cloud computing.

Here’s how:

· QuickBooks hosting is hassle-free. You can fetch data securely anytime you want. It takes only a few seconds. For example, you don’t need to wait for another colleague to complete their work to access the system. You can work on the same file as your colleague through the cloud because both of you get the same file, just different virtual instances.

· The cloud is secure. You don’t need to think about backups. Your provider regularly takes backups of your data and updates it to different servers.

· You can quickly access multiple servers. If one server is facing issues, you get access to another server because of the redundancy principle. It saves you time.

The cloud is overall time-efficient. With this simple implementation, you can improve your working pattern greatly.

4. Setup Repeating Transactions

It is highly likely that your business has bills that are the same for every month. You can automate these transactions in your QuickBooks. Use memorizing transactions of QuickBooks to automate recurring invoices, bills, and sales receipts.

The above activity can accelerate your routine entries and reduce your hassle.

5. Use Shortcuts

Fortunately, QuickBooks also has an array of shortcuts. Isn’t it easier to work on the keyword than with a mouse?

Here’s are some keyboard shortcuts for you. Utilize these shortcuts to decrease the time for multiple tasks.


QuickBooks is the favorite software for almost every accounting firm. However, did you know that this software can reduce your accounting hours further? If not, then read the above suggestions, implement them, and save some time spent on accounting. Streamline your hectic tasks and focus more on strategic business decisions, financial analysis, and innovative business advisory.



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