QuickBooks 2021 — What is New?

New Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2021

If you are excited to see the new features of QuickBooks 2021, then read on. We have explained some of the valuable features below.

1. Custom Receipts for Payment

In the new QuickBooks version, you can create custom estimates, invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders, and statements. You can personalize these documents in a manner you want.


· Send customized, detailed payment receipt with requirements and relevant data fields.

2. Automated Statements

Automated statements would help you schedule customer statements and reminders when user payment is due. If you want to remind your users of the overdue balance, you can automate the process and frequently send email statements, which can also be customized according to different customers.


· Send payment links in the automated statements to encourage immediate payment online.

3. Creating Customer Groups

With the customer groups, you can collect every customer in one place, those who match the requirements, such as customer type, location, and status. Based on these groups, you can automate reminders and payments.


· Make mailing lists based on these customer groups.

4. Data Permissions

Modify user roles so that restrictions can be included. Then, assign different users to these roles for specific working patterns.


· Customize access to your user hierarchy.

5. Batch Delete

You can delete multiple sales orders in one go. Avoid spending your resources and time in deleting sales orders and invoices manually, one-by-one. In the previous release, we received the feature to delete checks, invoices, and bills in batches. Now, you can delete sales orders in batches too.


· Manage and delete void transactions together.

6. Barcode Labels

Now, you can include barcode labels automatically on your sales prices to accompany description and name. This improves visibility and user experience.


· Automatically add barcode labels for sales prices for the item description and name.

7. Vendor Reports

Access the data center where you can get all the details of a vendor, including pricing data and contact. This improves purchase decisions and enhances the experience with easier and more hassle-free functioning.


· Use vendor reports checking data related to a vendor in one place.

8. Serial Numbers for Transactions

With this feature, you can easily set a serial number for inventory items. It is also possible to make this feature mandatory or use it when it is necessary.


· Add serial numbers to every inventory item.

9. Improved Landed Costs

This feature was already introduced in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0, where it was possible to add landed costs for allocating shipping, freight, and other prices to the item cost. In the new release with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0, the flexibility and control of this feature are improved.


· Select either Cost of Goods Sold, or Other Current Assets to record relevant landed costs.

10. Streamline Bank Feeds

If a considerable amount of your time is spent in managing bank transactions, then here’s the solution. QuickBooks 2021 would allow you to automatically make bank transaction categories. These categories would be based on the rules and matching abilities of the tool.


· Automatically categorize bank feeds for faster and more accurate access.


We have discussed some of the new functionalities and features of the new QuickBooks software 2021 above. There are many more things that would be launched with the latest QuickBooks 2021. These features would help you improve your operational efficiency, enhance automation level, and reduce glitches in the system. Please note that QuickBooks 2021 doesn’t have any remote access features to enable, that you can host QB on the cloud of a reliable cloud service provider.



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