How to get Accounting Clients in the COVID World?

Bhavleen Kaur
5 min readApr 27, 2021

Due to COVID-19 depleting their fiscal resources and ruining their financial plans, entrepreneurs desperately need an accurate accounting solution for their business. This has dramatically increased the demand for accountants in the market, creating a perfect opportunity for CPAs and account firms to rejuvenate themselves.

However, with so many firms out there, it is challenging for an individual firm to stand out. Add current social distancing norms and public apprehension towards coronavirus into the picture; the things will seem to become furthermore tricky.

This has prompted accounting firms to look into the correct way to approach new clients. Here are five ways through which you can generate clients in this current COVID world.

1) Approach To Attract

Instead of following a straightforward, promotional approach like “we at accounting XYZ is offering discounted rates, etc.,” engage them with the messaging language that has an empathetic, assuring tone to it.

Go for a style which mimics the people’ sentiments and connects with their heart. You can alert them about the approaching tax filing deadlines or guide them with document handling for loan reimbursements. You can also add a link to an educational webinar in your message and direct them to your website. This way, rather than following an instant client conversion approach with a lower success rate, you can educate them first to instill a feeling of companionship and get a higher conversion rate.

2) Revamp Your Website

You must have often heard,” the first impression is the last.” In this rapidly digitizing world, your website is the face of your company. While frequently meeting with someone may present you chances to revise your first impression, the same may not be the case when people are visiting your website. Glitchy webpage movements, crashed hyperlinks, and outdated content are some aspects that can ruin your first-hand experiences with potential clients and make them switch over to other firms.

Redesigning and modifying your website accordingly to the current crisis will ensure improved customer traffic and increase conversion. While designing your website, use attractive color themes with consistent design patterns across pages and captivating catchphrases to allure new customers.

Also, make sure it has a clutter-free interface for a smoother navigation experience. For content, make it informative by providing FAQs, blogs, ebooks, and tutorials for different clients’ needs. So, when someone visits your site, it instills a feeling of expertise and assures credibility for your firm.

3) Create A Solid Online Presence

Gone are those days when companies used to advertise themselves using flyers and newspaper agencies. In this current millennial era, establishing a strong online presence must attract new clients and grow your customer base. Multiple companies are progressively developing themselves to have a substantial social following and enhance their business outreach. The accounting industry, too, can utilize various social platforms to create awareness about their firms.

You can set up ads on different social sites to advertise your schemes, offer higher discount rates, or introduce a referral program. You can also conduct live events to spread awareness about your firm’s current accounting trends and the expertise with which it handles its customers’ needs. Also, your website must be SEO optimized with strategic keyword placement to divert more customer traffic.

Another trendiest way of attracting more clients is through email marketing. With 3.9 billion regular email users and an over 760% increase in revenue, automated emailing helps you enhance your business outreach and grow your customer base.

4) Embrace The New Reality

In this COVID world, firms need just more than attractive marketing strategies to gain more customers. Before the COVID-19 struck the world, most of the accounting firms had a traditional office setting. They met their clients in their office space for discussion and collaboration, had fixed work timings, and limited mobility. Their workflow management was also more tailored to handle physical outflow with a high dependency on in-person availability.

After the COVID-19 came and the resulting lockdown restrictions forced many firms to close their premises- the offices which lacked remote working options suffered dramatically. Now, to facilitate their clients’ accounting needs and offer services to them, an accounting firm must adopt the advanced solutions available in the market. Their data must be remotely accessible so that their clients can avail themselves of their services without physically meeting them. Also, their employees must be well versed and adept in using modern remote working tools. By adapting themselves to the newer working conditions, they can quickly provide their services in these current times and gain more clients.

Cloud technology is one such solution that offers accountants a secure remote working solution.

5) Be Available Around The Clock

Last but a crucial one- round-the-clock availability. Suppose you spent considerably on advertising yourself and a potential client tried responding to it. They called you up or typed an email hoping for an immediate response, only to get a rather delayed one instead. Disappointing, isn’t it? With COVID-19 and stringent lockdown restrictions greatly affecting people’s mental health around the world, a simple thing like waiting can easily frustrate them.

They may also start doubting your capabilities, making them wonder whether you even have the required number of personnel to complete their work accurately and on time.

Around-the-clock reachability will not only put their doubt to rest but also give you an edge above your competitors. Also, if you want to offer your services overseas, your business inflow won’t be affected by time zone differences, and you can easily cater to overseas clients.


When it comes to growing your business, you can offer quality services to your clients. This way, you can create a loyal customer base and ensure continued revenue inflow. However, to keep bringing in new prospects, a few successful marketing strategies are required.

And this is where the tactics mentioned above can aid you in your endeavors. So when you want to gain new customers and strengthen your existing client base steadily, make sure you remember the correct steps.



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