How Hosting Tax Software On Cloud Improve Collaboration With Clients?

With each passing day, accounting firms are migrating their services to the cloud. Cloud-based tax preparation software can enhance mobility and improve their collaboration with the client.

Several accounting firms and CPAs rely on cloud-based software for storing their client information, preparing their tax forms, and completing their tax returns.

What is Tax Software Hosting On Cloud?

Cloud-based tax software provide the functions of traditional tax preparation software, but without demanding software installation, its maintenance, and local computer resources. The user only needs an account with the cloud services.

The company-client relationships of a majority of the tax firms signify that migrating to the cloud strengthens client and company collaboration. Since the adoption of the cloud, several accountants have been able to refocus on accountant-centric solutions. That can cut the cost of operations, all the while improving their client relationships.

How does migrating to a cloud improve client-company relationships?

Here is how moving your tax preparation software to the cloud can help your business –

1. Cloud can facilitate uninterrupted communication with clients

Better communication has to be one of the most-sought-after perks of transferring the entire tax process to the cloud. Stronger security options and state-of-the-art security of information during transit make cloud the favorite medium of tax preparers, CPAs as well as their clientele.

Most cloud-hosted tax preparation software allows their users to contact the clients privately and securely. In addition, anti-virus, you can explore the firewall, anti-malware, and IDS/IPS options that can reassure your clients as well as their tax data.

The use of the cloud platform offers a common platform for CPAs to store their data for easy communication. The CPA user can find all necessary documents in one place, and only the authorized recipient can access the same after completing necessary authorization steps.

2. Strengthens the collaboration channel between client and CPA

Any accountant knows the importance of collaboration with the client during the management of finances. When you are using a device-specific software, you need to be in its physical proximity to access the tax forms and accounting files.

Moreover, the only so-called secure method of communication between the users is electronic mail for device-based tax software platforms.

As most CPA firms have already used device-specific software in the past, you must have experienced how the clock seems to stop ticking the moment you begin waiting for correspondence. Most importantly, using the same thread for multiple attachments or the creation of numerous copies of the same file can lead to utter chaos.

Cloud storage and management can reduce duplication errors and confusion. It cultivates trust among the clients as the cloud-based tax preparation software such as hosted Lacerte provides 360-degree security to stored personal data.

3. Round-the-clock availability of client services

Apart from offering dedicated communication channels to all clients, cloud tax software also provides 24*7 availability of cloud applications. Any tax preparer or an authorized client should be able to access data from remote locations via an internet connection.

The type of device and browser should not restrict the availability of data, information, and applications to authorized users of the software-as-a-service platform. Cloud accounting software solutions are web-based, and they are compatible with most OSx and browser versions.

It is easy to please your target audience when you promise them round-the-clock access to their safely stored personal data, irrespective of physical location, and device choice.

4. Automated backup of client data

Your client will always know that his or her data is safe on the cloud irrespective of your server’s physical status or location. It inspires trust amidst a tax firm’s clientele.

A reputed cloud tax solutions vendor always takes regular backup of the data as per schedule. Keeping a copy of your backup away from the primary site is a failsafe in times of data crisis.

In the unfortunate event of data deletion or corruption, you can revert back to the latest backup version and work with the stored client data.

5. Appreciation of your client’s contributions

Check client feedback and comments for cues on what needs immediate improvement. There is no better reward than reading about the praises from a client on your site or a third-party review site. So, remember to ask your clients for their review every time you finish working for them.

You can appreciate your clients by analyzing their feedbacks. Use a built-in feature or install an add-on for sorting through client comments on your database. Such a plug-in can help you find the actionable reviews and comments on your site.

Client feedback is crucial for the analysis of a firm’s capabilities and service qualities. Satisfied customers are the best testimonies of any tax firm. Word-of-mouth marketing is especially useful in the world of CPAs.

A smart way to appreciate a client’s contribution is by incorporating suggested and necessary changes into the firm’s infrastructure or operations. Let your clients know that they play a dynamic role in your company. That is ought to improve your relation with your client and strengthen your collaboration in the future.

Migrating to the cloud has worked wonders for most tax firms in terms of client satisfaction. The presence of uncountable in-built features and functions that help collate client data protect and sort through the same, promote collaboration between the tax firms and their clientele.

Highly competent tax preparation software comes with features that automate calculations, provide access to special state-specific tax forms, organize complex tax return situations, and enable the transfer of data securely with one touch. All of these features propagate improved consumer satisfaction and client collaboration.



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