How Does The Cloud Facilitate BYOD In Your Business?

Slowly but convincingly, BYOD and cloud computing are gaining popularity among businesses of multiple sectors.

Almost 59% of organizations have adopted BYOD, and another 13% are planning for the same. The marriage of BYOD and the cloud can help businesses enhance their productivity and create a modern workspace for the employees.

Bring Your Own Device

Let’s dig deep and assess how cloud computing can facilitate BYOD in your business:

1. Enhance Security Of Your BYOD Model


Businesses have complained that security is the biggest challenge in the BYOD model. Most personal devices have inadequate security features and cannot protect against modern attacks. Thus, if your employees’ device falls into the devil’s hands, this can damage the integrity of your data and destroy your company’s reputation. Directly or indirectly, employees have admitted to allowing someone else to use the device assigned for work.


Using the cloud to protect the endpoints can be your best friend in solving this problem. It will make your business data a lot more secure as reputed cloud service providers offer the latest antivirus and firewalls, end-to-end data encryption, AI tools for data monitoring, intrusion detection systems, and more. Also, your data will be stored in a secure cloud server, further minimizing the risk of hackers gaining access to it.

2. Enhances Visibility for Employers


With BYOD models being adopted in the workplace, there is a high possibility of time wastage in the office. Your employees might lose their concentration and get hooked on a game or waste time using social media. This can lead to insufficient productivity numbers and make your business suffer big time.


Implying cloud computing with personal devices can help businesses curb such time wastage. It will help the companies avail better visibility of their employees. The cloud security system provides website filtering attributes that will make it easier to track employees browsing sessions during working hours.

3. Cuts Expenses


Businesses that were not following the BYOD model were already suffering from the expenses of the high-end devices they needed to invest in. These investments proved to be quite staggering and hugely reduced the profit margin.


It has been observed that the integration of cloud computing and BYOD comes with the potential of saving companies a significant amount of money. It helps businesses enhance the profit percentage in no time.

With BYOD, the company is already saving quite big from without having to invest in an IT infrastructure. With this integration, they will no longer need to invest in employee systems as well. This will benefit companies for a lifetime as they will save from purchasing high-end systems and from their maintenance and repairs. Also, there will be no need for physical copies of documents, and the overall need for resources will go down.

4. App Compatibility and Employee Collaboration


Many people would think that app compatibility might be an issue with BYOD as people prefer to use different devices with different operating systems. This also results in ineffective employee collaboration and an overall decrease in business productivity.


Cloud computing solves this issue for good. Businesses can use the cloud and its services like cloud hosting to access business applications on the cloud. For example, accounting firms can host their favorite applications like QuickBooks, Sage, and others on the cloud so that everyone has access to the same application and data. This results in effective collaboration as every stakeholder can work on the same file simultaneously and complete tasks in lesser time.

Wrap Up

This shows how the cloud facilitates BYOD in business and brings the best results out of it. These technology trends of cloud computing and BYOD can help businesses benefit significantly in every way, from adding security to gaining more returns. It will also avoid a wide range of drawbacks and pitfalls that are causing harm to a company’s productivity. So, what is making you think so long? Put these technologies into implementation now!

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