5 Ultimate Benefits of ATX Hosting in Tax Season 2020

Bhavleen Kaur
5 min readApr 27, 2020

ATX tax software, designed by Wolters Kluwer, is the complete solution for CPAs, tax professionals, and tax firms to prepare the taxes, especially in tax season. It has ultimate features like Tax Compliance Forms Library, Errors & Omissions Checker, Refund Meter, Return E-Filing, and many more.

ATX software is the best fit for the small and mid-sized business who seeks to prepare and manage their taxes, and they will worth go with ATX, because of its feature and easy user interface to manage the complete tax operations.

No doubt, ATX is the ultimate and most loved tax software, but to make the software more productive and efficient for tax professionals, hosting it on the cloud can do wonders.

ATX Hosting on the cloud gives unlimited benefits to tax professionals that make their life easy, fast and also help in maintaining balance in their life, both professionally and personally. The limitations that create hurdles to accomplish the taxes on time, the cloud can easily overcome all the problems such as being bound to work from the office, sending in sensitive tax data via emails, and many more.

Are you thinking, what more can come out as a solution when ATX software is hosted on the cloud?

Here are the top 5 ultimate benefits that ensure CPAs and tax pros make more tax returns in less time.

1. Remote Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud-based ATX software provides access to the tax data, business documents, and sensitive files from any remote location at any time, and it becomes easy for tax preparers to accomplish their taxation process.

Hosting ATX allows the filing of taxes from anywhere, whether you are on vacation, out of the country, home- anywhere in the world, you can easily file taxes and stay ahead in this competitive era.

Remote access has many more benefits, such as the reduction in traveling time and also the lesser cost of IT resources. This feature of the cloud makes the tax professionals independent of their local network. Also, they can file taxes from any device such as mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktop. It helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of the tax process.

2. Reduce IT Infrastructure Cost

Hardware, software, storage space for tax data, local devices, and its management plus maintenance, take a lot of cost and time. Introducing cloud technology in tax firms and accounting firms or other words, outsourcing the execution of all these processes to the cloud will reduce a drastic amount of cost for any business. ATX hosting does not even require the installation, which adds flexibility to work and can work from any device; you need the login credentials and can start your filing.

Well, you are not aware when your minor IT hassles turn into a larger one and take a massive amount of time and effort in fixing the issues. ATX cloud hosting eliminates the cost to manage and support the on-premise network and hardware. It further makes your tax filing operations smoother, flexible, and remain immune from any hassles.

3. Advanced Security

In the advent of technology, security is always a significant concern for the tax firms, CPAs, and tax preparers as they work on the very crucial data. Cloud is a high technology, and hosting ATX software on the cloud also provides the ultimate security to protect the tax data from the unwanted threats such as hardware theft, physical damage, and accidental any loss on the local premises.

Hosting ATX on the cloud comes with an advanced level of security like multiple firewalls, end-to-end data encryption, and antivirus, and anti-malware system. It is the full-time job for the cloud services provider to monitor every cyber threat, also to protect the data; they take all the responsibility to secure your most crucial tax and accounting data.

They have the replicated data in multiple servers, in case of natural disasters as well, the data is stored and secure, the business will not face any problem.

4. Easy Integration with Add-Ons

ATX tax software offers a great list of features, apart from that, tax pros require the third party software to accomplish their tax process. Using desktop-based ATX, it might not be possible to cover everything that requests for taxation.

There are many features like automated document entry, sharing files with other departments for signatures, etc. that ATX does not offer. Tax pros need to purchase and then integrate it with other software that compromises the performance of the software.

ATX hosting on the cloud can easily overcome this limitation as they offer easy integration with any third-party software. They automatically import and export all the required data from one software to ATX and vice-versa. It improves the scalability of the process, and performance is not compromised despite adding any number of add-ons with a cloud.

5. Collaboration Becomes Easy

The tax filing process requires many approvals from the different teams as well as from the clients also. A great collaboration can help to file the taxes faster. In the office premises, you need to take approval via email or by sending the files from one place to another; it takes a lot of time. Cloud technology is a great help to collaborate efficiently.

Hosting ATX on cloud helps in collaborating from anywhere, and multiple professionals can work together on the single file and update at the same time. As the data is updated in real-time, the process of data management becomes more simplified for everyone and enhance work performance. Well, collaboration can help the firms to file the taxes in very less time and more accurately.

The Bottom Line

Cloud technology is playing a preeminent role for every industry and extensively for the tax professionals who are using ATX tax software. It is continuously supported in backing up the data, an update of the software and its installation process, security updates, and modifications, etc.

For business owners and tax professionals, adding modern features in their work process will be a great benefit, and hosting ATX on cloud is the best recommendation. They can check the number of the economic growth of their business by evolving into technology.



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